Call to Arms

As the ECI transitions into BRE/CE it is important that the ECI establishes the necessary governance. This is at three levels – the CE/ECI Board of Management, the ECI Membership Steering Group and the Executive Working Group. The ECI Steering Group is open to all members, the CE/ECI Board Of Management and the Executive Working Group is limited only to those members who want to contribute to the development and implementation of ECI activity. Details of each of these governance levels have been circulated previously – if you require further copies please email [email protected].

Our strength as ECI is our diversity in membership across the entire supply network. We want to represent this in the above governance levels. Therefore please email [email protected] who your organisation’s TWO nominations for the ECI Steering Group are and those interested/willing to be appointed to the CE/ECI Board of Management and the ECI Executive Working Group. To make the ECI the success the membership needs and deserves we need your experience and expertise in these areas.