ECI events cover cutting-edge developments within Construction and Engineering Construction to improve organisations competitiveness and meet the challenges of world-class project delivery.

Upcoming ECI Events

  • Energy Transition Revolution – Powering the New Age of Project Delivery Series

    Effective Project Concept and Definition

    Energy Transition is here – reports indicate political will, technological evolution, government investment support, investor interest and commitment, and project development and delivery have taken a significant leap forward. But little is said about how projects are delivered and the corresponding contracting arrangements.

    Constructing Excellence and ECI will be hosting a year long series of events to address the Energy Transition revolution and we welcome your participation!

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    During the first of this series, we will explore Effective Project Concept and Definition. For this event, our speakers will be Dario Rigaud, Senior Construction Support Engineer of Fluor, and Stuart Block, AWP Manager of Fluor, who will address the purpose and rationale with reference to the ACTIVE Principles, asking “are these principles relevant today and, if so, why hasn’t industry adopted them as mainstream practice?”. We will also hear about a case study of a project where Effective Project Concept and Definition has taken place. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss the focus of the meeting and share their thoughts, ideas and experience of the matter.