ECI Activities

ECI delivers a stream of activities to improve the competitiveness of its members and to meet the challenges of world-class project delivery in Construction and Engineering Construction.


ECI events cover cutting-edge developments within Construction and Engineering Construction to improve organisations competitiveness and meet the challenges of world-class project delivery.

Disseminating industry best practice through research evidence and sharing knowledge, they facilitate the dissemination of ECI research outputs and the exchange of expertise and experiences across Construction and Engineering Construction professionals, providing powerful learning opportunities for participants.

ECI also organises site visits to leading edge construction projects across Europe, enabling attendees to see the value-enhancing practices and the resulting project.

  • Conferences
  • Workshops
  • Site visits
  • Facilitated in-house seminars


ECI Task Forces are shaped by critical issues facing ECI members and across the Construction and Engineering Construction industries. Task Force research is undertaken collaboratively, combining the experience and expertise of ECI members with support from world-leading academics and research institutions. The knowledge, results and solutions are available free to members through our range of publications, workshops and events. Non-members can benefit from these resources by attending ECI events and purchasing the published information.

Current Task Forces:

  • ACTIVE – reviewing, updating and promoting the proven project delivery best practice guidance outlined within ECI’s ACTIVE reports and publications.
  • Lean – improving productivity and customer value by applying and promoting Lean practices.
  • Modularisation (Italian Regional Unit Task Force) – examining improved design and management of modular construction.
  • People – sharing knowledge, expertise and experience, and encouraging development of best practice in project management career development.
  • Safety, Health & Environment – delivering leading-edge, practical, industry-focussed outputs and tools.
  • Young Professionals – developing the next generation of Engineering Construction professionals, enabling them to build on their knowledge and expertise, and undertake research to shape the direction of the industry.


With an unrivalled knowledge base of publications, ECI publishes a range of resources to enable the Construction and Engineering Construction industry to improve the delivery of projects. This includes:

  • Handbooks
  • Reports
  • Legislation toolkits
  • Practice guidance