Eliminate Waste – Maximise Productivity – Become Successful

Global Engineering And Construction – Owners, Contractors, Vendors / Suppliers, Service Providers


“Revolutionise: to significantly change something so that it is much better”

Eliminate Waste – Maximise Productivity – Become Successful

Constructing Excellence & European Construction Institute Cross-Industry-Sector Workshop

Engineering and construction is a USD 10 trillion per annum global industry forecast to grow to USD 14 trillion in the coming years – it is a significant contributor to the global economy.

The way in which major projects are conceived, developed and delivered has not changed in almost half a century when other industries have revolutionised beyond recognition – WHY?

In the past 20 years global engineering and construction productivity has remained almost stagnant when other industries have made massive strides eradicating waste and generating greater productivity – WHY?

Despite countless sensible initiatives over the last 20 years designed to improve engineering and construction performance there has been virtually NO LASTING EFECTIVE IMPROVEMENT – WHY?

Engineering and construction must attract far more investment – without it the industry is not sustainable long term in its present form. Sufficient investment is only likely if there is ROI certainty for owners / investors and supply chain profit margins are commensurate with the risks taken and the value added by performance and delivery excellence. To achieve this we must revolutionise the industry.

INTERESTED? Join stakeholders from various industry sectors operating in the domestic and global arenas on 23 OCTOBER 2019 in a ONE-DAY WORKSHOP hosted jointly by the European Construction Institute and Constructing Excellence at WATFORD – 30 minutes from Heathrow, 20 minute form Luton and regular fast rail links form London Euston.


  • Decide how industry sectors can align and collaborate on change initiatives to revolutionise engineering and construction for long term sustainability.
  • Identify synergies and interdependencies within and between the various change initiatives.
  • Create communities of practice in defined areas of change
  • Establish communication channels and forum to ensure continuation of discussions and actions following the workshop – embed new practice