Kingsfield Academy: Energy Transition Leadership Course

Kingsfield Academy: Energy Transition Leadership Course

13 September @ 9:00 am – 12:30 pm BST

The Energy Transition Leadership program provides a basis from which project teams can explore and prepare for leading projects in new energy sectors.

With the drive towards Net Zero gathering pace, the need to develop requisite leadership skills for this energy transition environment has never been greater. The challenges that arise out of projects with “first of its kind” (FOIK) emerging technologies, in new markets, and with unfamiliar contracting arrangements require changes of mindset and, consequently, a greater emphasis on leadership at every level of the project organisation.

The Energy Transition Leadership program aims to address the key areas to be considered and managed in order to execute profitable projects for contractors and present viable capital investments for owners. The course involves 4 workshops, to view the dates, times and leaders of each, as well as price, take a look at the flyer.


  • Introduction & context of Energy Transition projects
  • Systems thinking for Energy Transition projects
  • Contracting & Commercial Leadership for Energy Transition projects
  • Project leadership for Energy Transition

More information can be found on the Kingsfield Academy website.