John Fotherby Chairman of Kingsfield Consulting is appointed Chairman of ECI

John Fotherby Chairman of Kingsfield Consulting is appointed Chairman of ECI

Following Taco de Haan’s appointment to further senior positions within the Fluor Corporation, which will require significant demands on his time, he agreed with the ECI Board that he should step aside and hand over the Chairmanship to another Board member.  During his time as ECI chair Taco brought leadership and inspiration to the ECI.  Through creative initiatives he set the pattern for ECI’s continuing development as the organisation representing the supply chain in Engineering and Construction in Europe.  We wish Taco every success in his new appointment.


John has kindly accepted the appointment to fulfill this role. He has had over 40 years in the process industries and currently has an influential role advising senior executives and their project teams involved in international engineering and construction projects; assisting them in managing project risk and the delivery of commercially successful projects.

Currently working across all continents his organization is at the forefront of project management techniques with a unique understanding of contract and team management best practices.

John’s appointment provides a substantial resilience to ECI’s ongoing activities during a period of change and there is significant commitment from the Board and the major corporate members to support ECI in its further development.

Professor Alistair Gibb welcomed John’s appointment “he has provided sound advice and a proactive involvement as a member of the Board and to ECI in general. I warmly welcome his appointment”.

John stated that “I am excited by and looking forward to the challenge of supporting and guiding ECI as we transition through this period of development at a time when the E&C industry and ECI members confront significant project delivery demands that are only likely to be successfully overcome by change to approach, behaviour and performance throughout the supply chain.